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Jun. 13th, 2007 | 06:24 pm
location: not my room anyway :D
mood: anxiousanxious

yey just manage to fix my wireless internet :D
got the stuff a few days ago but I haven't manage to make it work so I called support today...and I had kinda forgot to read the instructions so there was a few cables being in the wrong place and stuff :P

Work is getting easier and easier, I'm free today but tomorrow I'll work and on Saturday I'll work alone for the first time :S
Abit nervous but I think I can make it.

There's a very cute guy who comes by very often, and he did last night as well and I was so hot and got a bit nervous when he came and so on, that I forgot to give him his change back and I asked what drink he wanted and then I forgot to give it to him, I just moved on to the next person in line :P a bit embarrassing. :P

But it's so fun working there, because you meet so many different ppl, some very friendly and almost flirty (the cute guy for example) and some are really really stressed, which effects me too, not so very good. And some ppl are just boring or mean. One guy in particular, last night he came 5 minutes before closing time and wanted a big meal, and he just said "the usual", how the f**k am I supposed to know what that is and when I asked him he just told the other girl who have worked there for many years "you know". This so pissed me off, I'm gonna work there alone and serve the costumers and all that and since I'm new I don't know everyones "usual" but this wanker guy couldn't even stop babbling in his fucking phone for 10 seconds to let me know what it was!!!! and then he was annnoyed because it took a long time (about 7 minutes!!!!) before he got his damn food! HELLO!!! I had to ask the girl all the time what it was he wanted. YERK!

On the other hand there was a very sweet old lady as well who wanted some dressing on her mashed potatoes but didn't really have enough money, so I told her that I'll put on a little less dressing so the price would match her money. And she thanked me so many times, and I didn't arrange the price for her or anything, just took a little less dressing. She really made my day, all sweet and so :D

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just a small town girl

(no subject)

from: carameltrap
date: Jun. 14th, 2007 10:49 am (UTC)

LOL! You lost your nerve cause he was too cute. I think he didn't mind much.

Ugh. People like that annoy me. They think we're supposed to be telepathic and can read their minds. But don't mind him. He's only one out of the many people.

You are so sweet!

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(no subject)

from: nothingbutme01
date: Jun. 14th, 2007 11:24 am (UTC)

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