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Baby I'm the worrying kind

wanna change this to something smart..ideas?
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEOAmUE6AAs Sweden's competitor in the ESC...The Ark - love em!!
this is were my nick comes from, love this song! Really think it deserved to win the Eurovision Song Contest *pouts* (came 18th)

So..who the *beep* am I... I spose it's easier to say what I'm not, I'm not a sexist, not a racist, not prejudice (well, i try not to be), nor a homofobic. If u feel ur any of these (or like me cant help to sometimes be), then u dont have to bother contacting me. To the rest of u, please feel free to keep on reading.

I try to think about what i can do for our environment, it scares the hell out of me when i think about what we do to Mother Earth, we're destrying the only home we've got. Freaking Eden u know!

I'm most of the time broke, im a student and have very little money, and i dont have time to work as well (maybe i do but im to f**king lazy :P)

I'm oldest kid of four, a devorcee kid, and disappointed in the adult world and society.

I'm crazy about Harry Potter, and Manchester United, and the EPL in generall, to me it's the best football league in the world!

What else...Im very compassion, cry when i watch the news, in love with a new guy every week.

I'm sick of societies bull s**t about men and women being equal, come on, we are of course! But why cant we see it, where in the world do women and men have the same status and chance...I'll tell; In the cemetry we're all equal, lets show it in our living owrld as well. (please ignore this...im just rambling... :P)

I'm also sick and tired of the fact that the richer is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer!

Wow...alot of negative stuff there, but hey, that's life...

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